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Detour is a Michigan-based bluegrass band that combines original contemporary bluegrass sounds with great traditional favorites. Detour’s tight focused harmonies, precision instrumentals, and creative melodies take you down a unique bluegrass road.


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Join Detour in Helping Homeless Veterans

Detour is donating the proceeds from the sale of our songs, "Homeless of the Brave" and "Soldier's Sorrow" to Patriot Place, a transitional community for homeless veterans in northern Michigan. Detour's Latest $1k Donation to Patriot Place The response from our fans has been outstanding and heartening!  Recently our Jeff Rose was able to deliver the second check for $1,000 to Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan (left) for this worthy cause.

Click "In the News" in the submenu above to read more about this effort; to purchase or download "Homeless of the Brave" and help us with this important project, go to our "Listen" page and click on a vendor to begin your order.

Our Latest CD Now Available!


It's here! Our latest CD is available from Mountain Fever Records for $15.00. Click on the album cover to visit Mountain Fever and order. The first 50 out the door are autographed, with free shipping to the US and Canada! Get 'em while they're hot off the presses.

"Right out of the chute, Detour lets you know that they are no-nonsense new bluegrass, with drive, taste, great harmonies, and the sweet singing of Missy Armstrong puts the icing on a great cake.  All in all, they are a winning combination of talents worth your investigation." -- Bluegrass Unlimited

"Detour finds the inner pulse of a song and lets it fly, as only the best bluegrass bands can."
  -- Greg Victor, PARCBENCH.com

"Fans of contemporary original bluegrass music can’t go wrong with A Better Place, the latest release from Michigan-based band Detour." -- John Goad, Bluegrasstoday.com

"Frankly, this band just blew us away."  Prescription Bluegrass, Top 15 CDS of 2012.

"Detour is poised to put Michigan on the bluegrass map.... Watch for this band to break the speed limit!" -- Bluegrass Breakdown, California Bluegrass Association

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Reflections from the Northwoods...

On the dotted line 

Signing up with a record company is a big deal for a band like ours.  What with day jobs, kids, and life’s other pressures around us, knowing that we have deadlines to meet and more partners to please is for us a pretty important thing to weigh and balance.  But in the end, sharing the music is why do we this and we are so pleased that Mountain Fever Records wants to help us do that.  So we welcome the partnership and are excited that it already is bearing fruit: our single, Too Blue to Have the Blues, a collaboration between our Jeff Rose and Bluegrasstoday.com’s Terry Herd, went live on iTunes today and, we hope, on a radio station near you or your computer.  So, having signed on the dotted line, we've taken the plunge!  Let us know what you think.


After many inspiring years of music and mayhem with Detour, Jack and Kevin have shifted gears into calmer speeds and returned to real-life sanity beyond Detour.  Jack’s inventive bass playing drove Detour’s rhythm section and Kevin’s sparkling and spontaneous banjo delighted numberless listeners on stage and off.  Both of them played an essential part in recording our CD, A Better Place, making it, in fact, a much better place. These sterling musicians will be greatly missed and we hope all our fans and supporters join us in wishing them well. 

Subsequently, two new Detouristas have signed on with the crew.  Jeremy Darrow of Nashville, formerly with the Dixie Beeliners and a regular performer in Nashville sessions and stage shows, has joined up, along with Lloyd Douglas of Alpena, Michigan, on banjo, formerly with Jim & Jesse & The Virginia Boys and an occasional first-call stand-in with super-fiddler Mike Cleveland.  Jeremy and Lloyd have already invaded the studio to lay tracks for our upcoming CD project with Mountain Fever.  The excitement builds -- stay tuned!

Taking The Detour to Raleigh 

The festival season begins to fade along with the greens of summer. We can already feel the first kisses of frost in the morning, munch the harvest from backyard gardens, and see the Michigan leaves start to fire up with fall colors. For the Detouristas, it’s been the most active and successful year of our wonderful time together. For that we thank our fans, a terrific and oh-so-patient cast of family members, our rock-on agent Jim Roe, the wonder-working Penni McDaniel at Hope River Entertainment, the splendid folks at Sirius XM and Bluegrasstoday.com, the DJs who continue to spin our songs for new audiences, the Michigan Touring Arts Program for the many opportunities to bring bluegrass to parks and theaters around our beautiful state, and the promoters and event organizers who took a chance on a Michigan-based bluegrass band.

We took our maiden voyage to the bluegrass mecca of Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom festival, spent several unforgettable days playing and listening at the Huck Finn Jubilee in Ontario, California, and made many new friends at a dozen other festivals and venues. Along the way, our songs continued to spin out from the Bluegrass Junction radio central to attract even more wonderful listeners to our music -- so many, in fact, that we made it to the second ballot in six award categories for the International Bluegrass Music Association.  We were able to give another $1000 to Patriot Place to assist homeless veterans in Northern Michigan.  The Good Lord, aided by some expert surgeons and wide-awake nurses in Marion, Ohio, pulled our indefatigable sound man Jimmy Kittle back from the brink with a timely arterial stent during our run down to the Appalachian Uprising festival in southeastern Ohio. Jimmy is back at the console, duly following Peter’s insistent instructions to turn down the banjo and pump up the fiddle.

And now we head to Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion and on to Raleigh for a week of showcases and meet & greets with industry professionals at the IBMA annual conference. We’ve been previewing some new material for another recording and thinking about where this next venture will take us. It will be an exhausting yet exhilarating week of music and meetings, but all of it highlights the excitement of playing this great music with such talented partners while wondering what awaits us on the Road That Lies Ahead.

Gittin' ready for the Bean 

After a beautiful ride and delightful set at the Appalachian Uprising festival tucked in the mountains along the Ohio / West Virginia border, we're loadin' up the caravan for our baptism of fire at Bean Blossom, the bluegrass mecca in Brown County, Indiana this coming Friday.  A parade of bluegrass's greatest will be flowing through the festival all week, so if you're able to, come join us there!  Then it's off to California for the Huck Finn jubilee in Ontario, CA, our first foray into the Golden State.  We're looking forward to making many new friends there!

Join us in Kalamazoo for Cooper's Glen 

The annual Coopers Glen Bluegrass Festival is coming and the Detour crowd is looking forward for a terrific weekend of performing, workshops, and jam sessions.  We've had the opportunity to play this great festival a couple of times before and the audiences were fantastic.  The sponsors, our friendsat the Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association, provide space for jam sessions at all playing levels.  Even better, it's inside the Radisson Hotel in downtown Kzoo, so it's play, play, play, snow or shine (and it's snowing a lot over there this time of year).  We go on stage at 10.15 PM Friday, February 15 right after the big 35th anniversary celebration for Grassroots, WMUK's folk and bluegrass radio program (hosted by Detour pals Lorraine Caron and Mark Sahlgren).  So it should be a blast.  Bring your axe and join in!

Charting Success 

Our friends at Hope River Entertainment compiled some stats on the rockin' chart success we've experienced this past year and stuffed it all into a press release that's making the rounds.  All of this is pretty exciting as well as humbling when we consider the great company we're joining on the charts, the wonderful appreciation expressed by fans, the loyalty and support given us by radio DJs who spin our songs.  For a bluegrass band that hails from Up North, it's a lot to contemplate and inspires us to look forward to this coming year with great anticipation.  The calendar's filling in with terrific festivals, so we hope to keep the streak alive!

What a year... 

Reflecting back on a marvelous year, the Detouristas have a lot to be thankful for. Our latest CD enjoys healthy sales, hit the charts with a bang, and stayed right there. Two of its tunes have been getting constant exposure on SiriusXM’s Bluegrass Junction, out on the internet, at radio stations across the world. We ventured away from home base to play the marvelous Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival, making many new friends. Then there was the meeting of minds that brought us together with the indefatigable Jim Roe, of Roe Entertainment. And what a trip to Nashville for a week’s schmooze and music: showcasing at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual conference, meetings with record companies and publicists, live radio shows on WAMU’s Bluegrasscountry.org and at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and interviews with our good friends at bluegrasstoday.com.  Heartfelt thanks to Jim Roe, Penni McDaniel, Kimberly and Blake Williams, Kyle Cantrell, Chris Jones, Chris Teskey, Greg Cahill, Terry Herd, Leigh Gibson, Mark Sahlgren, Martha Moore, Gene Skinner, Mike Kear, Donna Ulisse & Hadley Music Group, Mark Hodges, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, Mike Sumner, Lee & Elaine Roy, David Morris, Marty Raybon, Brooke and Darin Aldridge, Wayne Taylor, Keith & Terri Grannis, Prescription Bluegrass, and legions of DJs and friends who have spread the word about our music and welcomed us into their musical worlds.  Perhaps the greatest highlight of all was our opportunity to present the first check of $1000 from sales of "Homeless of the Brave" to the great people at Northern Michigan Goodwill Industries to support Patriot Place, a transitional community for homeless veterans.  You could do us and them no greater honor than to give generously to this compassionate and generous organization.

And of course, we are blessed with such a loyal, dedicated, and enthusiastic crowd of families and fans who encourage our creative spirit and fortify our love of a great musical tradition. Here’s lookin’ to an even greater 2013, from Team Detour -- Jeff, Jack, Scott, Missy, Peter, Kevin, Jimmy.

The Kittle Konnection: Pickin' on CF 

Jimmy Kittle is a pretty familiar figure at Michigan bluegrass festivals. His ready smile can be seen at the sound board for most, if not all of them, and we’re darned happy that he makes our sound a regular project. We not only get terrific sound out front, (so our audiences tell us), but we also get some good, edgy advice about our music, our stage show, our presence, delivered with the man’s trademark candor, honed, I first suspected, by years of working night shift, where one is surrounded by hard-working people who leave nothing unsaid about one’s performance.

But in fact, Jimmy’s pragmatic, yet artful, approach to life has been sharpened by an experience very different, very close to home, very real, very life-and-death, the specter of cystic fibrosis that has haunted his family.  Nothing concentrates the mind and sets priorities with more cold and deadly earnestness than a crippling and life-shortening illness that strikes down the ones you love. Well, Jimmy doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve about all this; instead, with typical Kittle aplomb, he has tackled it head-on by assiduously raising money for the kind of research that extended his son’s life through a near-miraculous double-lung transplant, enabling Josh to embrace life to the fullest the way his dad does.

So a week from tomorrow we head down to the KC Campground near Milan, MI for our annual appearance at Jimmy’s Pickin on CF festival. We’ll be joined there by some wonderful bands, including Darin & Brooke Aldridge, our old pals from Hardline Drive, Berachah Valley, Wendy Smith, Lonesome Meadow, New Outlook, Lonesome County, New County Grass – (and lots more, see the schedule here) – many of whom are repeat performers like us. We just can’t stay away – the cause is too important, Jimmy is too good a friend, the music is too good to be missed, and the camaraderie is too all-comforting to be left for others to enjoy without us. We hope to see you there!

Giggin' in Gettysburg 

Thanks to our inimitable booking agent, Jim Roe, we slipped onto the roster at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival at the last minute.  That sure was our good fortune, because our visit there turned out to be a wonderful experience.  The crew piled into a caravan of vehicles and drove ten hours through the spectacular Allegheny Mountains to arrive in time to set up, rehearse, and enjoy some splendid back-stage fare provided by the promoter.  The festival actually is held in May and August -- this was its 34th year -- and wizened veterans tell us that usually the weather in August is steaming hot.  Well, all those gospel tunes we sing must've struck a chord upstairs, because the weather for our day there was near-perfect, upper 70s, glorious sunshine, dry ground and light winds.  It was a relaxing day of music, networking, and marketing our wares.  Peter got a chance to get a few pointers from the great Mike Cleveland, and to try out his five-string fiddle.  Mike hit the stage for rousing sets not only with his own great band but then sat in with J.D. Crowe's band, filling in for Dwight McCall.

Our sets felt wonderful.  This festival has a new, spacious stage, a powerful sound system, and a broad expanse of grass for a large and appreciative audience.  This was our first outing since Missy's "Lovin' Liza Jane" made #2 on the Bluegrasstoday.com weekly chart and we got a warm reception from the audience.  The festival also set up a nice workshop tent where we did a "Detour Drive-by" performance and answered questions from listeners.

This was one of the best -organized and -equipped festivals we've played at, and we sure hope we'll be back again!

A Welcome Rain... 

A very parched Michigan greeted some much-needed rain this week.  The crops have been withering in 90+ degree temperatures, and even though sunshine is fairly uncommon in a state that is so often shrouded in clouds from its neighboring Great Lakes, seeing the thunderheads roll in was something of a relief to many of us (especially the gardeners in the band).  Yet the bluegrass crowds continue to turn out!  A couple of weeks ago we played the annual Manitou Arts Festival's "Dune Climb" at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, way up in Empire, Michigan.  For those of you have haven't been there, Sleeping Bear is a sleeper hit of a park: a rolling shoreline of ancestral sand dunes towering above sparkling Lake Michigan.  Our friends at the Glen Arbor Arts Association put on a concert every year at the base of a massive 750-foot sand dune that the rangers permit visitors to ascend (hence it's name, the "Dune Climb,") and this year over 2,000 people braved the relentless sun and heat to come hear us play.  It was a pretty awesome site from the stage, looking out over a sea of people framed by sand stretching up to the horizon.  Sales of CDs and water were brisk.  The dune (and the stage) faces due west, so the sinking sun blasted the stage with a shriveling glare until it finally dipped below the top of the dune.  Along with it went the temperature, which must've dropped twenty degrees in ten minutes!  Acoustic instruments are tough to keep tuned in such conditions, but the crew endured and the audience was very appreciative.  And now, the rain comes to wash away the dust and tease our crops to grow a few more inches, to fatten some fruit, to reach up toward the sky rather than down in search of moisture. As we write this, the clouds are gathering again.

The View from Out Front

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